Washed away

It was time to leave Marsabit. We booked again with MAF and were waiting for the plane at the airstrip. Weather conditions seemed to get rainy which could interfere with an airplane getting there. The Odyssey started: the flight was delayed and we returned to town for a tea when I got a phone call that the plane is heading to Segel.

Off we went for the very last trip on the stony road to the low lands. Segel did not receive rain for – again – some years. It happened that the rain was not only on the mountain of Marsabit town but everywhere. From Turbi to Forolle to Loyangalani to Marsabit. Almost the whole county was receiving heavy showers.

Raining for the first time in a long time the soil could not absorb the amounts of water. And half way through we reached a point where the road was heavily flooded for at least 100m in length. Our driver explained that there was a depression ahead where we should not pass. What to do? The plane is waiting for us and some had to get back to Vienna the following day.

Some phone calls with MAF later a crazy driver from another NGO rushed to the scenery, did not stop for consulting with all the other drivers here but put in the second gear, accelerated unnecessarily … and got through the temporary river. Some called him brave, we called him stupid – but still he showed us that is was possible to get through.

After many other puddles we reached the airstrip with the plane waiting for us. Happy to be on board – and that the rain now was everywhere! Finally…

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