In Kenya, there are usually two rainy seasons. The long rains from March/April to May/June and the short rains from October to November/December. Forecast finally was good for the short rains as they failed over 2 years now. I tried to figure out some indicators (strong winds witch a lot of dust, foggy mornings, sunny days, …) and was asking here and there when to expect some rain.

Many times I heard: mid-October. And they were right. The evening of the 12th we saw those huge white clouds and the locals told us: those are rain clouds. At around 3am I woke up and heard the drops knocking on the roof and windows. Finally some rain in the highlands. But soon, showers will follow at the lowlands. At least that’s what I and many others hope.

In the past we often complained about the wind and dust. Now we have a new challenge: the mud! Roads are difficult to walk on and we struggled for not falling down – although all the pupils who crossed our way would have pleased to see the mzungus on the muddy ground…

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