Crushed by a camel

It happened on the way home from the office. We walked (new feeling after Haiti!) over the dusty streets towards the setting sun. Marsabit is quite rural, many pastoralists walk with their animals back and forth for seeking water or some dry haulm. There are goats, sheep, cattle and camels.

Overtaking goats and sheep did not create any problem. But suddenly there were around 15 camels on the street heading in our direction. They are used very much to human beings so I did not hesitate to continue my way. I was already in the middle of the herd and already discovered an opening between the last two camels. Straight forward I made my way when the shepherd drove the camel on. Frightened it continued its way towards me but with a bit of luck I could prevent a fair body check.

Lesson learned! And at least the shepherd had fun seeing me struggle…

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