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This is Kenya too

I was staying for two months now in the north of Kenya. This part of the country has its own fascination being dry for many, many months and then right after the first rain showers everything becomes green. People are … Continue reading

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Washed away

It was time to leave Marsabit. We booked again with MAF and were waiting for the plane at the airstrip. Weather conditions seemed to get rainy which could interfere with an airplane getting there. The Odyssey started: the flight was … Continue reading

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How I became a Gabbra elder

It was my last field visit. Together with my successor and visitors from our headquarter we went to Turbi. This time, the villagers had something special in mind and we came right to the celebration of the milk (I did … Continue reading

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It is just incredible how fast the grass grows after some rain showers. Since 10 days there is constant rain in Marsabit and ever since you see the grass growing. It seems so bizarre in this landscape which used to … Continue reading

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In Kenya, there are usually two rainy seasons. The long rains from March/April to May/June and the short rains from October to November/December. Forecast finally was good for the short rains as they failed over 2 years now. I tried … Continue reading

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Once a month I have to travel to Nairobi to attend some meetings. I was quite happy for having a short change of scene. Flying with MAF is always fun. Before taking of there was slight confusion because two passengers … Continue reading

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Spot the difference

Marsabit, 9:01: Marsabit, 12:06  

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Home sweet home

In the beginning we stayed in the Pastoral Centre of Marsabit: Tidy but small rooms and no common area whatsoever. We found a house just across the dusty street and enjoy our freedom over here. Of course not everything runs … Continue reading

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Hard working women

A colleague from another NGO took me to see one of their projects: a cash-for-result activity to desilt existing dams, where rain water is collected – if there is rain. It was very informative and at the same time nice … Continue reading

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Crushed by a camel

It happened on the way home from the office. We walked (new feeling after Haiti!) over the dusty streets towards the setting sun. Marsabit is quite rural, many pastoralists walk with their animals back and forth for seeking water or … Continue reading

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